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In A Nutshell

All pet travelers know that GoPetFriendly.com is the only one-stop pet travel website out there. If reaching people dedicated to their dogs and cats is your goal, our blog readers, social media communities, and newsletter subscribers are the perfect audience!

With 43,000 visits, 37,000 unique visits, and 78,000 page views per month on average, our fans are enthusiastic and engaged. By posting the quality content and compelling photos that only traveling full-time with two dogs can provide, we’ve grown our audience organically to more than 154,000 Facebook likes and 57,000 Twitter followers.

Promoting brands we believe in as we criss-cross the country is part of the fun … and we’re looking for a few good companies to partner with. Could that be you? Let’s chat!

Please, review our policies and disclosures and then contact us to discuss how we might work together.

How We Market GoPetFriendly.com:

GoPetFriendly.com’s Readership as of February 28, 2015:

  • Visits: 42,900 per month on average over the past 12 months (website and blog combined – Google Analytics)
  • Page Views: 77,500 per month on average over the past 12 months (website and blog combined – Google Analytics)
  • Growth over previous 12 months: Visits: 50.4% |  Page Views: 40.7% (website and blog combined – Google Analytics)
  • RSS Subscribers to Take Paws blog: 278 (Feedburner)
  • Google Page Rank: GoPetFriendly.com: 6  |  GoPetFriendlyBlog.com: 4
  • Facebook Fans: 154,200
  • Twitter followers: 57,200 (@GoPetFriendly)

GoPetFriendly.com appeals to active, dedicated dog and cat owners with the desire and means to invest in their pet’s health and happiness. We are establishing mutually beneficial relationships with companies offering products and services to the same community. If that describes you, please contact us.