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Enjoyable Pet Travel Takes Training

Boys at the U.S. Southernmost Point

Training never stops. Never. And if it does, the results are bad. Very bad. That was our lesson of the week. And it arrived much like an out-of-control truck that jumps the curb, comes though your living room wall, and pins you against the sofa. We know we’re responsible. During our nearly four months hiatus […]

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Pet Travel Plans Must Consider Breed Discrimination Laws

Buster in Newport, RI

We bloggers spend a lot of time with words. I don’t know how many of you sit blankly staring at your monitor, scouring your brain for just the right term to capture your thoughts, but I imagine many of you do. The words we choose to express our ideas and feelings are important – and […]

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Packing for a Year-Long Trip

Last week we sold our house and restarted our pet friendly travel adventures. Rod and I have committed to 12 months of travel, and I imagine you might wonder: “How do you pack for a whole year?!?” The answer is … you don’t! You pack for 3 weeks and then do laundry. Actually, it’s a […]

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Preparing for a Pet Friendly Road Trip

If you’ve been following along on our Facebook page you know that we are stuck in Pennsylvania – in the snow. The bank has delayed the closing on our house and Mother Nature sent a Nor’easter to put the icing on the cake. We’d imagined ourselves enjoying fruity beverages on the beach by now. No […]

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Pet Travel Tips for the Holidays

This is a fantastic time of year – holiday parties, family gatherings, and visits to friends cover the calendar. For many people, spending the holidays away from their pets is inconceivable. In fact, a recent survey conducted by PetRelocation.com showed that 63% of pet owners will travel over the holidays at least 50 miles away […]

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Hurry Up and Calm Down

I anxiously anticipate each new post on Fearfuldogs’ Blog . The author, Debbie Jacobs, is a talented dog trainer, and I love her for writing in a way that gets me thinking. Last week her post titled “How Dare You!” really hit me. The post is about patience, asking “Why can’t you?” rather than “How […]

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