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Hiking Safety: Encountering Predators on the Trail


The snow is melting, the first green buds are appearing, and soon it will be time to hit the trails. Hiking is one of our favorite pet friendly activities, and I know many of you feel the same way. Of course, communing with nature can lead to encounters with wildlife and, while thrilling, it can […]

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Locate Dog Parks on Pet-Friendly Road Trips

Road Trip Planner 1

Some of our wonderful Facebook fans have said they want to easily locate dog parks while they’re traveling. Do you feel the same way? Well, so did we – Buster is a young German Shepard after all! He as a lot of energy to burn. (Ty, not so much.) When we launched the new Road […]

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Pet-Friendly Needs to Also be Human Friendly

We’re happy to bring you this guest post by Christine Gillow, author of Raising Ruby. My husband Jeff and I have not taken a vacation without our 65-pound shepherd mix, Kiva, in nearly 13 years. Well, that’s not completely true; we once spent 3 days without her in Las Vegas, but we missed her desperately. […]

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Pet Friendly Road Trip Planner Makes Travel Fun

We rolled out our new pet friendly Road Trip Planner back in October, but it’s taken three months for us to get back on the road and put it to the test. If I must say so myself, it’s pawsome! We’re still making a few refinements, but the mapping capabilities make traveling with you pet […]

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Enjoyable Pet Travel Takes Training

Training never stops. Never. And if it does, the results are bad. Very bad. That was our lesson of the week. And it arrived much like an out-of-control truck that jumps the curb, comes though your living room wall, and pins you against the sofa. We know we’re responsible. During our nearly four months hiatus […]

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Pet Travel Plans Must Consider Breed Discrimination Laws

We bloggers spend a lot of time with words. I don’t know how many of you sit blankly staring at your monitor, scouring your brain for just the right term to capture your thoughts, but I imagine many of you do. The words we choose to express our ideas and feelings are important – and […]

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