Go Pet Friendly

Train Your Dog Month: Results Revealed

Buster's Nose

He’s afraid … unless he’s not. Since we found this goofy Shepherd he’s barked and jumped and made quite a commotion whenever he’s spotted another dog while he’s on leash. The technical description is “leash reactive,” but that doesn’t convey the image I’m hoping to impart. “Acting like a big dork and completely embarrassing the […]

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Pet Travel New Year’s Resolutions and Contest

Grab Bag

Happy New Year! This is a fantastic time of year, when the possibilities for 2012 are endless and our dreams for the next twelve months are limited only by our imagination. Naturally, we hope your vision includes traveling with your pet! And, whether you’re planning to play tourist in your own backyard or pack up […]

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Three Layers of Pet Safety

We’ve been a little distracted this week. Our good friend, Mel, is experiencing one of the worst things that can happen to a pet owner … her dog, Lady is lost. We can’t stop thinking of them and are glued to Facebook hoping for an update. If you are anywhere near St. Paul, MN, please […]

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The Golden Rules of Pet Travel

Today we have a guest post from Izzy Woods, a freelance writer and travel blogger. She’s set aside her pride to share some lessons she learned the hard way while traveling with her dog, Banjo. Regular readers of Take Paws will by now be wholly familiar with all the basics of traveling with their dog. […]

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Tips For Moving With Your Pet

Sometimes pets travel for fun and sometimes they travel out of necessity. Most of the time we focus on the fun … because it’s FUN! But, moving to a new home with your pet presents some of it’s own challenges. Today we have a guest post by Becky Harris, who writes for upack.com with some […]

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Tips For Booking A Pet Friendly Vacation Rental

With the Winnebago in for repairs, we’re feeling a bit like turtles without our shell. We’ve gotten used to roaming around without much of a plan and selecting an RV park from a handful of options each day. It’s a comfort to know that we control the quality of our accommodations – after all, if […]

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