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Tips For Traveling With Dogs In the UK

Dog on the Beach

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit another country with your dog? Would they be more or less accepted than they are here? Today’s guest post by Dee Mason gives you a look inside the pet friendly United Kingdom. So, you’re coming to the UK for a long stay, maybe because […]

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A Dog Training Revelation

Seward Park - Seattle, WA

We haven’t done any updates on our dog training efforts for a while because there wasn’t much to talk about. We work with the boys every day on their reactivity to other dogs when on-leash and on their heeling skills. Progress has been slow – so slow that it sometimes feels like we’re hardly improving […]

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Cooper’s First Road Trip

Maggie Marton and her puppy, Cooper, recently drove from their home in Indiana to a pet friendly conference in Virginia and used the GoPetFriendly.com RoadTrip Planner to make it easy. I have to confess: I hate road trips. I hate truck stops and rest areas. I hate gas station bathrooms. I hate fast food. I […]

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Keeping Your Dog Safe At The Beach

We’ve seen a lot of beaches on our trip up the west coast this summer, and Buster has become a big fan of the sand and surf. Buster’s not really interested in swimming – he just likes to run along the shore biting at the waves – but a lot of dogs are out there […]

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The Hazards of Pet Travel: Itchiness

As we planned to take to the road, I didn’t give much though to dog allergies. But spend a few sleepless nights listening to your pooch scratch and allergies will quickly move to the top of your priority list. In retrospect it seems so obvious – we’ve had the dogs in nearly every climate in […]

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Learning From First Pet Friendly Roadtrip

I read a lot of blogs – some pet related, some not. So, imagine my excitement when I clicked over to Camels & Chocolate, Kristin Luna’s travel blog (which typically does not include her dog, Ella) and read that she and her husband, Scott, were about to set off on their first RV trip. AND, […]

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