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Pet Friendly Accommodations For Free

Home Exchange

There is no doubt that traveling can be expensive … especially if you’re looking for a hotel in a popular destination. But what if you could get pet friendly accommodations for free? There’s a way to do it, and this guest post by Brian Luckhurst will explain how … My wife was horrified when I first […]

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Pet Travel – Hamster Syle

Emmy and Maggie

We talk a lot around here about traveling with dogs … mostly because that’s all we know! But people travel with all kinds of pets – including cats, birds, rabbits, reptiles, guinea pigs, ferrets, and hamsters. Since we have no insights into what traveling with other types of pets is like, we’re happy to bring […]

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Pet Travel Tips for Seniors

Rod and I haven’t quite reached the “senior” classification yet, but in our travels we meet a lot of retirees who are traveling with their pets. Today we have a guest post from Tom Demers with some tips for those spunky seniors in our pet travel community. Much of our lives are spent working, raising families […]

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Pet Travel To The UK Gets Easier

The United Kingdom is an enchanting place to travel, and this year it’s become easier than ever to include your pet in your English vacation. On January 1, 2012, the UK’s rules for pets entering the country were brought in line with the European Union and the six-month quarantine period for dogs, cats and ferrets […]

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Train Your Dog Month: Results Revealed

He’s afraid … unless he’s not. Since we found this goofy Shepherd he’s barked and jumped and made quite a commotion whenever he’s spotted another dog while he’s on leash. The technical description is “leash reactive,” but that doesn’t convey the image I’m hoping to impart. “Acting like a big dork and completely embarrassing the […]

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Pet Travel New Year’s Resolutions and Contest

Happy New Year! This is a fantastic time of year, when the possibilities for 2012 are endless and our dreams for the next twelve months are limited only by our imagination. Naturally, we hope your vision includes traveling with your pet! And, whether you’re planning to play tourist in your own backyard or pack up […]

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