Go Pet Friendly

Walt Disney World’s Best Friends Pet Care

Entrance of Best Friends Pet Care at Walt Disney World

We’re happy to bring you this guest post by Rori Paul of Rori Travel’s Florida. *** From the moment you pass from under the awning through the two-sided entry (one in, one out) and see the large lobby-registration area at Best Friends Pet Care at Walt Disney World, you know you’re at WDW. Fun and […]

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Campground Cabins Are A Pet Friendly Travel Option

Buster showing off his tricks

When you’re traveling the country in a small motor home with two dogs you have the opportunity to see a lot of pet friendly campgrounds. We’ve stayed in more than 50 on this road trip alone. Of course, it makes sense for us to stay in a campground – we’re RVing! But, what about you? […]

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13 Tips for Dog Friendly Hiking

In the past few weeks we’ve been in the Black Hills, Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons. Not all that long ago, we were in the Finger Lakes, the Catskills, and the Adirondacks. Trail hiking opportunities abound, and it’s become our favorite way to exercise Ty and Buster … as well as ourselves. Here are our […]

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Packing For Your Pooch!

You may think packing to take your pet on vacation involves throwing some food, bowls, and a toy or two in the car. Well, it’s not that easy! There’s a lot stuff your pet needs when you’re on the road … just ask Ty. Getting it all together and keeping it organized can be quite […]

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Leaving Our Dogs in the Winnebago

A question was recently posted on our Facebook page, and we always do our best to respond. In this case, the answer required more than a “Comment” – hence, this blog post. Here’s the query: “Would you write something about leaving pets safely in an RV while you’re out & about? What do you do […]

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Traveling With Fearful Dogs

Nope … you won’t find me under there today. Today, I am guest posting over at Champion of My Heart. This blog chronicles the training challenges and life in general with a brilliant, sensitive dog. My topic? Traveling with fearful dogs. Here’s an excerpt. It’s likely Buster was not properly socialized as a pup because […]

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