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We continue to learn new stuff as we travel with our dogs that will make pet travel easier for you! Here’s where you’ll find all that important stuff — think of it like the “junk drawer” in the kitchen: filled with the stuff we use everyday and couldn’t live without, but just don’t know where to put. Well, we found a place for it, and here it is. Enjoy!

Pet Travel Tips

Best Dog Friendly National Parks – National parks are popular vacation destinations, but pet travelers need places that their dogs can enjoy, too! Here are the most dog friendly national parks in the U.S.

Can Your Pet Get Bed Bugs? – The media hype has died down in recent months, but bed bugs (and more importantly the impact of bed bugs on your pets) is still a very common issue.

Greeting A Strange Dog The Right Way – There are a litany of offenses that well-meaning humans commit against unsuspecting dogs when they meet for the first time. Here are 11 tips to help you pass the sniff test.

The 6 Pet Friendly Hotel Chains Where Pets Stay Free – There is no question that pet travel is on the rise, and many hotel chains are rolling out the red carpet for our four-legged companions. But some hotels are exploiting the opportunity by imposing exorbitant fees on pet travelers. Here we highlight six pet friendly hotel chains were your pets are welcome to stay for free.

Hiking Safety: Encountering Predators On The Trail – Hiking is a favorite pet friendly activity, but communing with nature can lead to encounters with wildlife. Deterring an attack or surviving one requires different behavior depending on the animal you encounter. Before you head out, know the wildlife that lives in the area you are hiking, and follow these tips to be prepared.

Keeping Your Dog Safe At The Beach – A lot of dogs love to swim and play in the water at the beach, but what precautions should we be taking to ensure a day of fun doesn’t end in disaster? Here are ten things you need to know to keep your dog safe at the beach.

Preparing For Your Pet Sitter – Though it pains us to admit, we know that it’s not possible to take your pet along on every trip. Whether you’re hiring a professional or having a friend or family member stay with your pet, these tips will help you nail down the details in advance … your pet may not even notice you’re gone!

Tips For Moving With Your Pets – Relocating your family – including your dog, cat, or other pet – is a big project. These tips will prepare you for moving, and ensure you all settle in quickly.

Preparing & Packing For A Pet Friendly Road Trip – Laying out the course and locating accommodations and activities is easy using the GoPetFriendly.com Road Trip Planner, but there are a few other things you’ll want to think about before you take off!

Tips To Travel Like A Pro With Your Pet – People devoted to pet travel know that bringing our pets along for the ride is a privilege, not a right. Follow these ten tips to travel like a pro – and set an example for others to follow.

Pet Travelers Beware: Breed Discrimination Laws – GoPetFriendly.com is hoping to encourage more people with travel with their pets, so we want you to understand the breadth of these laws.

What To Do If Your Pet Gets Sick While Traveling – Illnesses or accidents that require a vet visit are hard enough when you’re home, but what about when you’re traveling? We’ve learned from experience and have some advice for what to do if your pet gets sick while you’re on a trip.

Pet Travel Resources

Traveling To Canada With Your Dog – Crossing the Canadian border with your dog is relatively easy and the documentation you and your dog need is straightforward.

Airline Pet Travel Policies – Many airlines allow pets aboard their flights, and some are more pet friendly than others. Comparing the policies, requirements, and charges will allow you to make a good decision about this method of travel with your pet.

Pet Friendly RV Rental Companies – For many people, the all-American dream is seeing the country in an RV. If you’re thinking of making your next vacation a road trip – and  you want to include your pets – here’s what you’ll need to know about the pet policies at RV rental companies.

Pet Friendly Car Rental Agencies – Many rental companies have pet-friendly policies and if you read the fine print, you’ll be able to avoid any unexpected charges. We have compiled the information you’ll need to select the rental agency that will work best for you.

Travel With Pets To The United Kingdom Gets Easier – England’s rules for pets entering the country were revised for 2012 and the six-month quarantine period for dogs, cats and ferrets was eliminated – provided certain rules are met.

Hawaii’s Pet Travel Requirements – A lovely Hawaiian holiday sounds perfect for people and pets alike, and passing between states is not an issue in the contiguous majority, so you may not consider the complications that come with traveling to and from Hawaii.

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